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Chapter 93

Lying in each other embrace after a period of absence is truly a wonderful feeling . Jade's hand was caressing Derek's chest lightly . Derek caught her hand and said, "Now, now, wifey, you don't want to stimulate this hubby again, hubby can go for another round but Dr Sin mentioned not to overdo it . We already did 3 rounds . I think that is the maximum limit for pregnant mummy . We have many years more, be good okay?"

Jade ignored his words . "I miss you Derek . So much that sometimes I would see you but when I reached out you would disappear . I just want to touch you as much as I can to in grain in my head that you are truly back . "

Derek could not find a retort and allow his wife to act as she please and he could only control his desire .

"What did you go through for the past 6 months . This scar, this one, this one, this, this, this and this, are all new, I remember your body very well . What happened? This one is real deep . Hubby, you must have suffered a lot . " Jade said as she pointed out to every scars on his body .

"It is nothing, it is something all the head of Lee family must go through, father went through the same as well, maybe even tougher," he shrugged his shoulders trying to brush off this matter lightly, he did not want her to feel hurt for him .

Since, he decided it to be like that, Jade did not pursue the subject further but she kissed each scars lightly leaving butterfly effect on his skins .

He grabbed her face gently and frame her small beautiful face with his callous palms . "It does not hurt as much as not being able to see you, to talk to you, to know how you are doing, to touch and feel you . Those scars are just physical pain . Those 6 months without you pained my soul more than anything else . " he said while immersing himself in her stare .

She rubbed her face against his warm and nice hands like a kitten asking for attention . He chuckled at her actions . He found her so amusing . They sighed in contention . He then asked how were her days, what had she learned, what did she do for the past 6 months and they chatted till dinner catching up on each other without feeling bored . Father Lee who was waiting for them at dinner greeted the love birds .

"Are you two done catching up? Or you two going to ignore this old man further?" said Father Lee .

"We will never be done, father but don't worry father, we won't ignore you," said Jade .

"Daughter is definitely better than son . " Father Lee said taunting Derek out of fun .

"Don't be angry father, it is not good for your heart . I'm sorry for being inconsiderate . You've been such a great help managing my household matters and work . I really do not know how express my gratitude . " Derek said sincerely .

"Good that you know . Take care of my grandchild in there, don't be too enthusiastic when catching up passionately . " Father Lee adviced .

"You need to tell that to your favourite daughter in law . She can't seem to keep her hands to herself . " Derek said with a teasing smile .

Jade glared at Derek for selling her out . He quickly patted her hands, when he saw her annoyance . She ignored his pacifying efforts .

"Ha . You better pray she'd forgive you, if not you are welcome to share my bed . " Laughed Father Lee .

At an underground hideout .

Tom decided he would leave, he managed to bribe some guards to help him . Unknowingly, those guards are those that Heather had instructed to sneak him out and then have him killed and put the blame on Jade and Derek .

He followed them out and once they were quite far out as he was thanking them before taking his leave, he felt a sharp pain through his chest . He shirt instantly drenched in his own blood . As he was dying he was unsure if he regretted meeting Crystal and loving her . He was wallowing in self pity and ready to die when he heard the two guards talking about his stupidity and revealed the mastermind behind this plot is Heather and they were going to pin it on Jade . He felt irreconcilable and was unwilling to die this way . His prayers were answered because a beggar found him soon after those guards left . The beggar mugged him but had some conscience in him, decided to call an ambulance . The beggar begged for forgiveness in case Tom dies . He did not want some vengeful spirit to come after him . Hence, his conscience told him to at least get help for the dying man, at least he did try to save his life .

Tom prayed as he hang on to his dear life . He needed to survive and then find ways to warn Crystal and Jade . He really don't know the reason behind the hatred but he heard a lot about Jade and she did not seem like someone bad .

He was registered as John Doe at the hospital since he did not have any identification . The hospital staffs wheeled him to the trauma center and quickly stabilised him and trolley him out for surgery, he is losing blood from a massive liver injury with bowel perforations . After working hard, the doctors managed to save his life for now, his chance would be better if he doesn't get infected . They started him on broad spectrum antibiotics for prophylaxis .

The hospital release a press statement regarding an unknown man found heavily injured for relatives to claim . Thankfully, Heather, Crystal and those guards did not read the newspaper statement . Instead it was April who read the news and felt the person's description was fairly familiar . She texted Chris to check it out as she'd only be back in two days time . This would change the course of Tom's fate .


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