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Chapter 98

Adam carried April out the gentlest way possible . Once out, Dr Sin was already on standby to check on April's condition . Jade and Chris was feeling wretched and despair seeing April this way . This kind of pain must also be return at least with the same amount care .

Derek was in a head to head chase with the fleeing men and Crystal who was much ahead . Derek managed to catch up to one of the henchmen but before he could pull him close, he could hear a warning beep . Shit, this guy is going to self explode . Damn! He decided to dash the opposite route and sprint as fast ashe could . Sure enough, less than 3 seconds, an explosive blast could be hear and felt . The earth shuddered and concretes were falling left and right . The smell of roasted meat permeated the vicinity .

Jade who first heard the explosion due to her sharp hearing sense urged Chris, Adam, Dr Sin to carry the unconscious April further away . Just after they moved away, they could see the spot that they were standing collapsed in an instant . They were thanking the heavens for their good fortune . Jade immediately looked around to find a glimpse of Derek . A sudden sense of foreboding overcame her . She took out her phone to but there was no line as the nearest cell tower collapsed with the blast .

She knew that Derek had chase after Crystal because he did not want to let her off easily . How could they allow such vile woman to scoot off free and not pay for her sins . She tried to look beyond the rubble to see any signs of him . The fireman and the rescue team had already arrived . Jade rushed to them to let them know that Derek most probably stuck down there .

She prayed that he's alive and well . They have only just reunited and she did not even get enough of him yet . Who would have known tragedy would struck them on what supposed to be their happy day . She caressed her lower abdomen trying to soothe her worried soul . The rescuers were hard at work, some bystander became collateral damage because of the blast .

Adam was feeling deep guilt but he is grateful that none of the siblings turned their back on him and place the blame on him . He could only count his blessings to have met people like them . Dr Sin diagnosed April to have traumatic experience and exhaustion . She hasn't had time to recover from her jet lag and she was put through such an ordeal . Her body response was to just shut down . He reminded the Lu siblings and Adam that April will need lots of attention and care to pass this ordeal .

Jade refused to bulge from her spot, she stood there in a trance hoping and waiting for a miracle . Derek, you need to be fine . You promised you'd never leave me ever again . Don't make me lose my trust in you . You have to be fine . You need to be fine . You've been through hell it seems, hence, you should be able to overcome this . Don't disappoint me, hubby . Please, please, please be safe . If there is a devil and I need to sign a pact for him to be safe, I would .

After one hour plus, still no news about Derek . Jade's feet were hurting but she stood her ground . She didn't have any mood for small talks or food, her mind was focused solely on Derek .

Meanwhile, Crystal mind was in a mess, after she left, her phone was still streaming the April's raped scene . She saw how the two men were beaten to pulp by Adam and some other men . She witnessed how gentle Adam was with April, she saw his determination to marry April despite all that has happened . Such real love and respect do exist . Tears streamed down her cheek, she knew someone who often gave her those kind of gaze when he looked at her, the adoring and so crazily in love look, Tom! The same way Adam looked at April, that is how Tom gaze at her . Despite portraying her true ugly form to him, he had accepted her and even had the guts to love her .

She could not forget how pale he appeared in the video . Heather! Just what is the meaning of this? Why? Suddenly, she received a big file from an anonymous sender . It was regarding the secretary that seduced Fabian . A bank statement was included in the file . She gasped in disbelieve, no . . . no . . . no . . . . . this truly can't be true . NO WAY! She took a few more glances at her phone before she flung it on the ground and her phone smashed into pieces . She stomped on it further, making sure it is truly gone . She removed her clothes and took a dagger and sliced a large wound across her forearm and removed a chip from there . She crushed the chip throughly with her heel . Nothing should remain . She exited through one of the underground train station grabbed a passerby and undressed the person, and she wore those clothes and left . She made sure to avoid each camera carefully .

Jade was getting more exhausted by the minute . Father Lee who just received news from Chris quickly made his way there . He needed to support his daughter in law and his future grandchild . Chris was feeling helpless with all the commotion around . He could rule and empire but when it comes to family matters, his heart just could not handle the stress . He could not persuade Jade to rest hence he resorted to call Father Lee . He did not inform earlier because he was afraid how Father Lee would handle the news . He was cautious with telling Father Lee taking into consideration Father Lee's history of coronary heart disease .

Jade was about to collapse from standing too long became alert when she could feel multiple kicks at her lower abdomen . The doctor did mention quickening would occur around 20 weeks of pregnancy . Quickening is just a term to describe fetal kick or movements . It was hard and steady kick . It felt like her child was sending a morse code telling her not to worry . From afar she could see Father Lee walking with head hung low . Seeing her father in law acting that way, made her heart ached further . Not far from him, she saw a figure that made her heart thumped loudly and the kicking inside her womb grew stronger .