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Chapter 3058: 3058

Chapter 3058: The Grand Finale (25)

Surprisingly, they were then taken into a high-speed vortex, which was a hundred times faster than a washing machine, in Gu Xijiu’s opinion . They were spun on and on for quite a while before they made an abrupt collision with a group of people .

They were not mistaken . They had indeed collided with a group of people .

It was a place filled with burned trees and collapsed buildings . The group of people used to look great, with impressive power and auspicious aura surrounding them . But now, all of them looked equally dirty and drawn .

The frantic desert was at least a dozen kilometers away from where they were, but their surroundings were already toasted and burned . Without any protective layer, these powerful people would end up being charcoals, just like everything else in close proximity .

When Di Fuyi and the group made their surprise landing, these people quickly went in different directions to make space .

Despite being on the ground, the mussel still had the feeling that it was spinning around . It continued to suffer from dizzy spells for some time, and when it finally regained its focus, it found itself surrounded by a group of enthusiastic immortals .

“Hey, you are still alive!”

“Great Deity Gu! Hey! Great Deity Gu is here!”

“General Long! Mighty Immortal Hua! You are both here! That is great!”

“Mussel! Lu Wu! Hey, there are two strange-looking dragons here, too!”

“Who are these two? You must be Prince Nianmo, aren’t you? God! You look so different now!”

A crowd of excited people clamored around the mussel .

These people consisted of leaders from various kingdoms . They could certainly recognize Gu Xijiu, the powerful Great Deity . Moreover, General Long Siye and Mighty Immortal Hua Yan were instantly recognizable, too, due to their recent popularity .

The mussel and Lu Wu had been spending a great amount of time in the Upper Bound . Needless to say, the mussel had always been very outgoing, which earned it heaps of friends in the Celestial Kingdom .

As for Di Fuyi, he was only a child during his time in the Upper Bound as Shen Nianmo . Most of them remembered him as a boy . During his adventures, he used the name of Mr . Fuyi to carve a niche for himself . Hence, many could not recognize him, for he had always been wearing a mask .

With the impression of a Lord, his aura was entirely contrary to that of an ordinary immortal . Never had he shown up in front of the immortals with his new looks, so most of them did not know who he actually was .

Also, Fan Qianshi was not any better known . Even when he did show up, he always had his mask on . Like a savior, he would always disappear right after he rectified any issues . In fact, the man was known as Mr . Savior, a name made for the mysterious yet influential man .

However, Mr . Savior was no longer looking like his name . His unkempt appearance and his aura were so different from how he was normally perceived . They could not recognize him at all, so no one even came to greet him . He was even less popular than the mussel .

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi could not care less about his popularity . He looked around to study their current situation . The people here had done what he instructed the eight mythical beings and joined forces to make a massive array formation in an attempt to control the expanding desert . Nevertheless, it was too fierce to be brought under control . In only a few hours, the desert broke loose and became even more savage, leading to a quarter of their forces to be injured . Thus, many retreated .

Di Fuyi made a quick analysis and realized that some already left the group in order to stay safe from the impending troubles . Only a few stayed behind as they could not leave the common people behind while they were still suffering in agony . They continued to work on another wizardry barrier after the first one failed .

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