Way of the Devil - Chapter 751

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Chapter 751: 751

Chapter 751: Reentry (2)

The Green Branch Sect . Ten Thousand-ren Mountain .

Lu Sheng stood shoulder to shoulder with Xu Haobai before a spinning map of the stars that was more than 10 meters tall .

The stellar map was round—a standard shape . It glowed faintly with silvery-blue, and countless stars flickered on it . It showed all of the main areas in this stellar zone .

In the upper right corner of the map was a small patch of red . The red triangular symbol of the Mother of Pain was labelled on it .

“My friend, your actions this time have satisfied the hearts of many . You’ve established a wide border across our five planets in one go . You’ve really passed like thunder and moved like the wind . Your powers are exceptional,” Xu Haobai praised him with a smile .

“You’re exaggerating . It’s just unexpected, that is all . I might not show such good results the next time,” Lu Sheng said with a smile . “They didn’t expect me to use my Heavenly Devil’s skill to conceal my own aura . That’s how I managed to slip past their front and seal our victory . Also, they had their attention focused on the sect master and his deputies . They would never have expected me to be so bold as to strike at their rear . ”

“Even so, an achievement is an achievement . There’s no need to be so humble about that, my friend . The Achievements Department have surely put this in records,” Xu Haobai said with a smile . “Getting back on topic, this is our sect’s headquarters, it’s known as Ten Thousand-ren Mountain . I gather that this is your first time here . After meeting the sect master, I think you’ll have time for some sightseeing . ”

“I’d like that . ” Lu Sheng nodded with a smile .

“Come with me, my friend . ” After Xu Haobai finished, white clouds gathered under his feet, and he rose into the air . He flew toward the snow-white Taoist pagodas on the Ten Thousand-ren Mountain .

Yellow Soil Qi gathered under Lu Sheng’s feet . He followed closely behind .

Many disciples could be seen navigating their ways throughout the pagoda complex below . Cries of pegasii and other rare beasts could also be heard as they pulled various carts behind them through the air or landed with them .

As the two of them flew across the skies, the disciples below bowed their heads with respect toward the Taoist lord .

An irritated black lion was struggling furiously . It was about to raise its head to roar when Lu Sheng and Xu Haobai flew past in the sky above it .

The black lion shuddered . It quickly sprawled on the ground and dared not move another muscle .

It was only after the two Taoist lords entered the central pagoda with their domineering might that the black lion slowly got back up to its feet . It dared not let out another sound .

The two of them landed softly before a semispherical pagoda in the center . Several disciples knelt on the ground and saluted them .

A lanky Taoist with a beard merely bent his back .

“Greetings, Sect Master Xu, External Elder Lu . Mingjiu’zi sends his greetings . ”

“This is Mingjiu’zi, the sect master’s great disciple . He’s now at the peak of the Confusion Realm tier . He’ll cross the final threshold soon, but we’ll never know how many days that’ll actually take…” Xu Haobai introduced this person to Lu Sheng as he pointed at him .

Lu Sheng nodded slightly at this person .

“Alright, bring us to Qingli,” ordered Xu Haobai .

“Yes, the teacher has been expecting you . If you’d follow me, External Elder Lu,” said the Taoist Mingjiu’zi respectfully .

Lu Sheng nodded . He entered the pagoda with Xu Haobai .

The white tiles on the floor shone like mirrors . Thick rock pillars stood out as they lined both sides of the walkway . Each rock pillar was at least five meters thick . Live black flood dragons coiled themselves around the pillars .

These flood dragons’ heads and bodies were being held in place by Artifacts that appeared like nails . They could not move; they could not even make a sound .

A thick resentment hung in the air, mingled with the dense Origin Qi .

‘What a grand display . ’ Lu Sheng could not help but feel awed when he saw this scene .

He did not know how powerful flood dragons were, nor had he faced one in battle before . However, he knew that they were extremely rare . To have captured this many to be used as decorations, the strength required aside, he was certain that this was the wealthiest person he had ever encountered .

The three of them walked past the flood dragon pillars . They soon reached the door to a stone hall deep within the pagoda .

The stone hall was decorated with colorful flowers . The stone floor was bare, but the flowers seemed to have extended their roots under it as they showed off their exceptionally brilliant colors .

Some of the flowers even crawled on the walls with their roots exposed in the air . It was as if they had laid down roots in the air itself .

A green-robed Taoist with a graceful figure sat with her back straight among the flowers .

The Taoist sat with her back facing them . Part of her long black hair was tied up, while the rest was allowed to fall loosely on her shoulders .

Her translucent and supple snow white skin could be seen between her green robes and long hair .

“Qingli, I’ve brought External Elder Lu here . ” Xu Haobai beamed as he strode into the stone hall . He found a spot with less flowers and sat down . He seemed perfectly at home .

“This is our sect master: Green Karma of the North Pole, Yuan Qingli . ”

“Thank you, Senior Apprentice Brother . I was recuperating in seclusion before this, and wasn’t able to greet you in person . I hope you’ll forgive me for that, my friend,” said the sect master Yuan Qingli slowly . Her crisp voice rang clearly like the spirit of the dawn, or like the streams in the mountains; it was pure and spotless .

Lu Sheng was slightly surprised . He had heard about the heroic deeds and strategic mind of the Green Branch Sect’s master before . He knew that the sect master was ambitious with constant efforts of expanding the sect’s borders and establishing record-breaking achievements . He did not expect the sect master to be a female .

However, gender did not matter in the cultivation world—strength did . He quickly snapped back to the present .

“I don’t mind at all . It’s important that your wounds are tended to, Sect Master . Since I’ve joined the Green Branch Sect, and this is a warring period, it’s crucial that we regain our strength first . ”

“I see you’re a sensible person, External Elder Lu . Please, have a seat . ”

The Green Branch Sect’s master finally turned around .

Where her facial features should have been, it was a smooth surface . There were no eyes, nose, mouth, or ears . Her face was a stretch of smooth skin .

Lu Sheng was no country bumpkin . He maintained his composure when he saw this . Like Xu Haobai, he found a vacant spot and sat down .

Lu Sheng remembered the faceless statue of a Taoist lord he saw when he first met Xu Haobai . He now had a guess who they were worshipping .

Yuan Qingli said nothing after he sat down . The silence continued on for a while .

Then, a handsome man in white feathered clothes floated down and into the stone hall . He sat cross-legged amid a cluster of black flowers .

“This poor Taoist’s name is Huayun’zi . Greetings to you, Taoist Shun Ying . ”

“I’m honored to be in your presence, Sect Master Huayun’zi . ” Lu Sheng returned the courtesy .

When everyone had gathered, Yuan Qingli spoke slowly again .

“I have gathered everyone here today for two matters . The first one is to let Huayun’zi meet External Elder Lu in person . ”

When Lu Sheng heard this, he smiled at Huayun’zi again .

“The second matter is about the message we’ve received from the observation tower . There are dimensional contortions at the edge of the Yellow Springs Galaxy . Aboriginals of the galaxy have successfully escaped from the Yellow Springs Planet . They’re now being hunted down by the World of Pain’s army . Although we do receive reports of this nature every now and then, this time, it’s different . Now that External Elder Lu has joined us, we might be able to turn this situation into a breakthrough,” said Yuan Qingli slowly in her clear voice .

“A breakthrough, huh… I don’t mind . After all, I’m from the Yellow Springs Planet myself,” said Lu Sheng without a change in his expression .

“With the addition of External Elder Lu, the strength of our upper echelons has been raised by a notch . Perhaps we can attempt to attack the Yellow Springs Planet’s headquarters,” Huayun’zi suggested .

“Attack the headquarters?” Yuan Qingli muttered to herself . “The Mother of Pain and the other mysterious elites might appear to be working together, but they’re just keeping up appearances . We might actually stand a chance…”

“In that case, we should come up with a well-rounded plan,” suggested Xu Haobai .

“If we make our move in time, we might be able to do it . The Yellow Spring’s Planet is the base of the World of Pain’s structure . If it’s in trouble, the World of Pain itself will be shaken . ” Yuan Qingli’s voice weakened . She was clearly giving this serious consideration .

“From what I know, the Three Divine Gates did set up something on the Yellow Springs Planet . Perhaps we can work together with them . We can offer them some of the benefits to motivate them,” said Lu Sheng .

“Oh? Is that so?” Sect Master Yuan Qingli’s expression grew solemn .

“It is . ” Lu Sheng nodded .

“If that’s the case, we have more space to maneuver . ” For a time, the natural look of surprise appeared on everyone’s faces .

“I’ll contact the Three Sacred Gate’s Sect Master Li immediately . If the situation is just as you said, External Elder Lu, you’ve raked another huge achievement yourself . ”

“It’s not as great as you say . Even if that’s true, the sect master will still have to be the one to persuade the Three Sacred Spiritual Gates,” said Lu Sheng with a smile .


Half a month later…

Great Song .

It had been more than a century since the last Devil Disaster . Once again, it made its way into the history books .

Great Song’s royals picked themselves up . They led the new Nine Great Families of the Central Plains and established a new rule under the heavens .

After nearly a century of recuperating, the new Nine Great Families of the Central Plains became the pillars of the royal empire . The Shangyang Family, Lin Family, and Xu Family were members of the previous Nine Great Families of the Central Plains . They somehow managed to survive the disaster, and maintained their lineage .

The Hu Family, Duanmu Family, and the other families were the new generation that rose up from the ashes of the ruins . They formed the second layer .

Then there were the officials and the conglomerates who formed the third-layer families .

The entrance to the Devil World was closed off . Great Song regained their peaceful days .


“Sugar cakes! Get your sugar cakes for five copper coins! Get it for free if you don’t like it! Come and get your sugar cakes!”

“I’ll have one . Here’s the money . ”

“Thank you, officer!”

On the flourishing street, a burly young man with a cold face stood there in his short brown leather jacket . He produced some money to purchase a brown sugar cake from the seller .

The man was handsome, and his sculpted body did attract attention . He had a domineering, vicious, ice-cold air about him . He was Lu Sheng, who had just smuggled himself through the Black Measure Web .

With sugar cake in hand, Lu Sheng looked around the streets of the city which resembled the one he remembered in Nine Links City when he was younger .

He could not help but feel a pang of nostalgia .

“Master, what do we do now?” Two dark-skinned men who were as big and tall as him followed behind him .

These two were Confusion Realm elites handpicked by the Green Branch Sect . Here, their names were Li Dong and Li Xi, respectively .

These were aliases, of course . Their appearance was also just a disguise they took on to escape the supervision of the Black Measure Web .

As a Heavenly Devil, Lu Sheng’s ability to disguise himself was off the charts . It was a piece of cake for him to pass through a mere Black Measure Web .

“Let’s take a look around for now . After all, we have time . ” Lu Sheng smiled . He projected his voice to them . “Our main objective is to locate the insider of the Three Sacred Spiritual Gates . Then, we’ll use the secret code and communication Artifact we got from the Three Sacred Spiritual Gates and give the Mother of Pain a headache . From what the Three Sacred Spiritual Gates told us, their insider, the Three Sacred Gates had left the main sect many years ago . So, our priority now is to locate the Three Sacred Gates . ”

The two Confusion Realm subordinates merely nodded .

Lu Sheng continued, “There’s no rush . This is my hometown . It’s been a long time since I’ve been here . This sure brings back memories… Let me take a walk around these parts . ”

He truly was in no hurry . The Three Sacred Gates in Great Song on the Yellow Springs Planet was extremely mysterious . They would not be able to locate them unless through some Anomalies .

Even the Three Sacred Gates of Great Yin could not get a handle on the Three Sacred Gates here .

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