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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: When I Awoke, I was in Another World




My body felt heavy and languid . It might have been due to me staying up late last night to play games . Even opening my eyes felt tiresome . Although I wanted to continue sleeping, the light streaming in from the windows was dazzling, and I resignedly opened my eyes .




This place was not my room that I was accustomed to .

A chandelier hung from the ceiling; on the south side wall was an atrium window . The bed I slept on was also not a single size bed but seemed big enough for two to three people to sleep upon . Additionally, it was so soft that my body seemed to sink into it . What was this? Amazing . It was so soft . This was my first time in such a bed!


“Eh? What, this hand……”


My hand that touched the bed felt out of place . No matter how I looked at this hand, it was not mine――not the hand of a 17 year old high school girl . It was at most the hand of a five or six year old child . I had an unpleasant hunch, so I tried touching my face . It was small, on the whole small . The legs protruding out of the bottom of my white negligee were also that of a child . Rather, negligee? Not pajamas?

I raised my body and looked at the face reflected in the windows . There was an unfamiliar five or six year old child reflected .


“W-what is this~~~!?”


When I screamed, the outside of my room became noisy . Women wearing maid uniforms came rushing in .


“Oh dear, Rosalind-sama!”

“You’ve woken up!?”

“Eh? Wha? Rosalind?”


Who was Rosalind!?

Somehow, looking at me, everyone was calling “Rosalind-sama” for some reason!?

No, I didn’t have such an European name! My name was an extremely normal Japanese person’s name!


“We must immediately inform madam!”


From there, hectic things proceeded .

Why things became like this, I frankly had no idea, but it seemed that the me right now was not a completely normal Japanese high school girl .

I was the daughter of a marquis in a country called the Kingdom of Amelia . My name was Rosalind Stanley . The Stanley family was the feudal lord of the Arch Territory on the border of the Kingdom of Amelia .


(Why……? Even though I was a normal high school girl who you could find practically anywhere! Even so, Rosalind Stanley in the Kingdom of Amelia…… I felt as if I remembered hearing that somewhere? Where did I hear it?)


Well, it was fine . More importantly than remembering, I had to deal with what was before my eyes .


”Aa, Rosalind! I’m so glad! Do you remember me?”

“U-um, who might you be?”

“Dear! Do you not remember your mother!?”



However, this was a European beauty who bore no resemblance to my real mother!?

Her wavy grey hair was put in an upswept hairdo . She wore a gorgeous dress . Although I also received a slightly intense impression from her, she was quite the beauty . She put her handkerchief to her eye .


“Three months ago, you lost consciousness near a tree struck by lightning . As you weren’t directly struck by lightning, you luckily avoided large injuries, but since then, you had never regained consciousness! I thought you would be like this for the rest of your life!”

“Huh, so it was like that . ”


Opposite with the mother emotional at her daughter’s awakening, I acted as if it was completely somebody else’s affairs .


“I thought that she had finally regained consciousness, but this time it’s amnesia……Uuu, such a thing……!”



She finally entered wailing mode . I didn’t need to see so much lamentation . I couldn’t feel my awareness as a related party at all, but I had to cheer her up as she was crying over me!


“H-hey, I’m well like this! I’m still a child, so even if my memories are gone, it’ll somehow be fine!”

“You…… you’re right . Rosalind has finally awoken . I cannot always be crying!”

”That’s right!”

“Your father and Randy have also been informed of your awakening . As your father is also at the residence today, he will come quickly . ”


Right after mother spoke, with a timing that seemed almost deliberately planned, two people entered the bedroom . They were a man in his forties and a boy around 10 years old .


“Did Rosalind really regain consciousness!?”

“Rosalin! Do you remember me? I’m your brother Randolph!”

“Ah-ahahahaha…… I’m sorry . I don’t remember . ”


To my bewildered father and brother, the maids once again explained the situation .

From the conversation contents afterward, I got a grasp of the family structure . Rosalind was currently five years old . Together with her two parents and brother, they formed a four person family . Her brother Randolph was five years older than her, 10 years old . When the ordinary conversation ended, I who had suddenly became tired got everyone to leave and lied down on the bed to rest .


“Aa~h . It’s become something incomprehensible . ”


A mirror was implanted on the wall of the room . I sluggishly raised my body up and once again checked the face reflected in the mirror . Ash grey hair and green gold eyes . The color of my eyes were inherited from my father, but overall, my looks were similar to my mother who I had just met .


“Of course . We are parent and child . ”


By the way, my brother Randolph had the same hair and eye colors as me .


“Oniichan…… No, since this household is gorgeous, when I think about it calling him onii-sama might be appropriate?”


I was the daughter of a feudal lord . It felt anachronistic, but to start with, where was the Kingdom of Amelia? I had never heard of such a country before .

……No . Just a while back, I had the feeling that I had heard of it somewhere before . I had postponed it as I had interactions with my family, but I once more pursued that memory .


“Rosalind, Rosalind……Ha! Could it be!?”


I remembered! Rosalind Stanley was a character who appeared in the otome game Rose of the Battlefield!

Additionally, she was not the heroine but rather the rival character! One of those so called villainess girls! As the capture character Randolph Stanley’s little sister, she was a malicious young miss who harassed the heroine Eugenie! The setting was that she was engaged to that person, the second prince of the Kingdom of Amelia, Glen .


Reincarnation day 1 . I understood my state of affairs .