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Chapter 919: 919

The streets of Hainan were in complete disorder . When the winds swept through, they took everything that had life and, in return, made everything look dark and dreary .

 Seeing these scenes made Xia Nuannuan even more anxious now .

 She had no access to the cell phone in the hospital . She looked at Aunty Mei and said, “Aunty Mei, I feel well now . Let’s go home . ”

 Mei Feng said, “I’ll have to ask the doctor about your situation first . ”

 Xia Nuannuan nodded .

 Mei Feng walked out of the ward and found the doctor . She asked, “How is her condition?”

 The doctor looked through Xia Nuannuan’s medical report and said, “There are signs of a possible miscarriage . It’s best for the patient to rest in bed for the rest of the first trimester . Otherwise, there is a high chance of miscarriage . And also, the patient must at all cost avoid big fluctuations in her emotions . She needs to be kept in a good mood and should not experience sudden excitement, or be overly distressed . ”

Nodding to show she understood, Mei Feng said, “We will arrange for discharging her today . ”

 The doctor paused in surprise . “But it’s best that she is kept under observation for another three days . You—”

 “We’d like to have her discharged now . ”

 Mei Feng looked determined .

 The doctor could only relent . “Ok then . ”


 Xia Nuannuan waited for Mei Feng’s news in the ward .

 After a short while, the woman returned . Looking at Xia Nuannuan, she said, “You’re fine . The doctor says you’re fine, we can have you discharged . ”

 Xia Nuannuan exhaled in relief .

 Nothing bad must happen to this child .

 After all the necessary discharge paperwork had been done, Mei Feng took Xia Nuannuan back to their home .

 The moment the latter entered her bedroom, she dashed for her cell phone .

 Picking up the mobile device, she saw that there were a few missed calls .

 All of them were from Liu Haiyang .

 Liu Haiyang was her childhood sweetheart from Hainan, the same guy who had called himself “Warm My Heart” in the mobile game .

 He was in Hainan at the moment .

 When she saw those missed calls, Xia Nuannuan immediately dialed his number .

 The line connected and almost immediately she heard Liu Haiyang’s voice saying, “Nuannuan, Uncle and Aunty are safe, don’t worry . We are now on the way to Beijing . The typhoon’s situation in Hainan is serious, so electricity and water supplies had been disrupted . Uncle and Aunty’s cell phones have run out of battery, so they’ve turned their mobiles off . I’ll take them to Beijing to go through this difficult period . ”

 Upon hearing this, Xia Nuannuan sighed and could finally relax .

 As long as her parents were safe, everything was ok .

 As soon as she relaxed, she felt exhaustion taking over her, as though all her energy had been sapped .

 She nodded with relief and asked, “So what time are you arriving?”

 Liu Haiyang replied, “In about five hours . We are now rushing to the airport from another city . The airport here has closed . ”

 Xia Nuannuan continued nodding and said, “Ok, I’ll go pick you up when you arrive . ”

 After a few hours .

 Liu Haiyang’s call came in . “Nuannuan, we’re about to board the plane . ”

 With a huge sigh of relief, she said to her parents on the phone, “Dad, Mom, after this just stay put in Beijing . I was frightened to death when I heard the news!”

 Dad Xia could not help but chide her, “Stop saying the word death, it brings bad luck! This time we’re coming to Beijing, we won’t leave till you have the baby . At least, we’ll be there to look after you . ”

 Xia Nuannuan nodded and then complained, “Why didn’t you even call me to say you’re ok? I was terribly anxious!”

 Dad Xia was stunned when he heard this . He said, “We did call . It was the lady in-law, your Aunty Mei, who picked up the call . She said she’d pass the message to you, so I didn’t worry after that . ”

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