Chenglei wanted to stay in the Jin Manor for some more days but Xing insisted on returning back to the capital city. She knew Takanashi would be planning something soon, now that h

Ten days passed since Chenglei went to the East and Xing was reading the letter he sent to her. He had mentioned about the drug that is colourless and odourless and is not identifi

Xing spent the next few days peacefully in her Manor and as usual visited her father every other day. She asked Seiren to conduct investigation on the Fire Kingdom and find out how

"Why aren't you watching your back, stupid!, a familiar voice echoed amidst the sound of clashing swords.Xing saw herself standing in the middle of an ambush where the entire Ming

The secretary rushed in upon hearing the gunshot. The entire office reeked of blood and Yang Wei was lying on the ground with his eyes widened. He suffered a bullet to his chest. The secretary sighed, “You should’ve left it to me to deal with him.”“I’m not in a good mood, and this can vent the emot

Chapter 668Going HomePfffft!Alissanda spat out a mouthful of blood. Even though Kurdak wasn't his match, he didn't expect that he would fight so desperately. The first three to five bouts should be testing bouts to see what the opponent was capable of. But Kurdak fought like a rabid dog and us

On a certain street in Tengu city, a figure streaked across a now empty pedestrian pathway. If a normal human is here, they would only see afterimages of a person and then boom he’s gone from the observer’s sight.He ran so hard he almost created sonic booms wherever he went. This figure create

After returning to Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai immediately summoned Xu Hui and let him send out people to inquire about all kind of recent news.Yang Kai didn’t tell him what kind of news he wanted the Holy Land’s disciples to seek out, only ordering him to deploy them in all directions wi

For Wu Yu, the Unshackled Doppelganger Mystique had broken his understanding of mystiques in this world. Its ingenuity exceeded that of the Fixed Body Art and the Violent Art. The only word he could think of to describe it would be "unbelievable." It was as though Wu Yu suddenly had 10 more b

Half a year went by quickly. The story of Wu Yu's disappearance and return had spread far and wide within the Common Sword Domain, and there was basically not a single soul who had not heard about it. This had solidified Wu Yu's number one position on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals b

‘This guy in yellow really is a good person,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Yeah, he ambushed me, and ran his mouth quite a bit, but he brought me some really good fortune. Nine mammoth tusks? And from Demolisher dracomammoths? Once I get them, what other cultivators in my level could possibly beat me in a fig

Despite the barrier gone, Mt. Crimson was still safe thanks to Lao Sha stopping any elemental attack from inadvertently hurting the crafters. Thanks to Lao Sha, no harm befell the mountain and the students could at the very least protect themselves much more efficiently.The battle was still g

Chapter 1218: Geshu Han's Send-Off!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr "The Young Marquis has already rested for three days and three nights! We should be getting back on the road!" A rude voice came from outside, apparently wanting to force its way into Wang Chong's room. "You bastards!

Chapter 1440 (Raw 1428): Handing Over the Saber Sovereign Medallion “Shadowless Saber Sovereign, don’t go!” Xiao Bai panicked and wanted to give chase. However, Shui Lingling stopped her. “Elder Sister Lingling, don’t stop me. He is…umph…umph…” Xiao Bai was about to say the last two words, but Sh

In the City M court, Aquino IV stood in the defendant position without any color on his face, his eyes stared blankly at the pattern on the floor tiles. At the moment, his face was paler than when he was just injected with truth-telling serum. The handcuffed arms were almost as thin as sticks. In or

“There is something even more magical? It is very magical?”Zhang Meixin’s eyes are fixed on the bald eagle. Excitement and curiosity filled her eyes.To her as a biologist, a human’s life is a difficult question that cannot be decoded.Although there is cloning, but strictly speaking, it cannot

The summer was approaching its end, and City M’s temperature was much milder than it was some time ago. The prisoners of war were locked into prison and the post-war liquidation ended. The transitional government took over the affairs of the country and the tension eased down. At present, the troops

In the past, Liu Yi was always pulled by his mother to attend a wedding ceremony. Right now he is going to attend a wedding ceremony with such a young pretty girl, it is a first for him.When he was young, he attended the wedding ceremony to get a meal that’s all. But today it is a bit differen

Wu Jianyu looks at his genuine Switzerland wristwatch and says coldly, “There is one minute left.”The bride crosses her arms and says haughtily, “That’s right. After a minute, perhaps these two clowns will be unmasked and the truth exposed.”Liu Yi shakes his head. It looks like this bride only

The bride and groom echo one another on the stage making Liu Yi and Zhang Meixin slightly curious.What are they doing?“Now let us invite this pair of new people.”A trace of treacherous flashes across Wu Jianyu’s eyes, “Come, come, come. Let’s give our new couple a round of applause. They seem

A Late Lunch We entered the dining hall and food was brought to us immediately. It was Danton who brought us the food. Mors and the young beastkin stood up frantically. “Mister Danton. You shouldn’t have.” “No-no. It’s really nothing! I was bored.” Danton said with a laugh and gestured for Mors to s

The Curse of Tongue Twister   Ye Cang displayed the equipment as he moved. Agani – Eyes of Resentment (Silver Dragon – Platinum – Abyss – Special Field – Class) Category: Long scepter Requirements:  300 Wisdom, 235 Will (half of the amount for necromancer class) Damage: 40-52 Wisdom +205 Will +135

Chapter 657 Flying Fat Toad On the other side, NalanPureSoul somehow got the Transform of Blood Soul Skill Book. Meanwhile, LordAsked took Mental Control and CloudDragon got to choose two of the platinum equipment. As for the remaining stuff, they were distributed evenly among the four teams. A

Chapter 339 Encounter   “Sir, I’ve got answers. These are the kingdom’s citizens in Anfiston. They said the Shiksan scout tents raided the colonies mercilessly the last month. High-Commissioner Machek’s forces were defeated in a single battle. Less than a quarter of them made it back. “The viceroy,

Chapter 1608 - Really Catching ItFishing for fish? This really was ordinary!Came all the way here just to catch fish? Who didn’t know that this place was special? This Ocean Fall didn’t have a starting point in the normal meaning, its end point also unknown. What kind of fish could you catch?“Reall

Chapter 1609 - Undying Interference“Escaped while riding on a fish, are you all treating me like a fucking idiot?!”Within Moon Demon King Clan’s ancient land, this clan’s number one young expert was sitting on a beast skin chair. Just now, he was still rather content, one leg propped up, eating a d

(296) Pancake Translator: Tseirp     My Jeweller examinations passing celebration was over. The turtle rice soup was really delicious. “Right, I’ll make something as thanks.” I said and asked everyone to wait for a while as I prepared the ingredients in the log hou

We entered the dining hall and food was brought to us immediately. It was Danton who brought us the food. Mors and the young beastkin stood up frantically.   “Mister Danton. You shouldn’t have.” “No-no. It’s really nothing! I was bored.”   Danton

(Volume 4, Chapter 24) Chapter 99. One-horned tribe (9)   "You want to learn Mugong?" Edora’s eyes widened in reaction to the unexpected request. Yeon-woo nodded calmly. However, even as he asked, he knew that his chances were low. Mugong was a technique unique to t

Volume 4, Chapter 25) Chapter 100. One-horned tribe (10)   A quest window appeared in front of Yeon-woo’s eyes. 'Eight Extremes Fist? Yin Sword?' Although he didn’t know what those two rewards were, the fact that he would be able to study Mugong under the Martial King

Lu Shu did not know what had happened either. He was earning a flurry of distress points. Furthermore, Francesco’s distress points stood out to him… What had happened? He had not become irritable after that fight, right? In just a short period of time, Francesco had provided him with a few chi fruit

Part 1/2 The enemy army was steadily moving. Not all of them turned their directions here, but as expected, they prioritized the way that had the shadow of who looked like the prince along with the magician.   “Their movement is systematic. As His Highness predicted, they’ve pla

Chapter 7: Goddess of the night. Getting out of the Evil Wolf Gang office, Ye Xuan took a taxi and went straight to a mysterious antique shop in a commercial center. He needed to buy some essential items, such as a phone, a watch, a weapon and so on… The store’s location was a b

Translator: xjshengchen Editor: Arya/Alterious Chapter 44: To Tiannan City “Martial Brother Ji.” When the man in a robe uttered, Qin Aoxuan suddenly had a straight face and called him. “Brother Qin, they are making trouble in my Chiyang City!” The man looked at

Translator: Si Mei / Siew Editor: B E E P/ Avis Chapter 157: Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul! “Keep an eye on this radish.” Without paying attention to the shrieks of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, Su Yi directly threw it to the Golden Python. “Crack……” The enti

“Let’s go.”Shiliew of the Rain also didn’t want to face two Admirals plus Magellan. He and Ross instantly turned into two black shadows and flew away towards the frozen ice.“After we have exhausted so much effort to get you in, how can we let you go so easily, stay here.”At the moment when Aok

Seeing that Aokiji and others did not catch up, Ross slowed down after flying for a while.However.He didn’t cover Shiliew of the Rain with his Gravity Distortion. Anyway, the other party had already used Geppō (Moonwalk) and Shiliew wasn’t a girl. Ross liked him as a general potential teammate

Twenty minutes later.Under the control of Ross, The ice approached the Marine Headquarters at an extremely fast rate.“Are you going to fly like this?”Shiliew of the Rain seemed to have a black line on his forehead, suppressing the strange feelings in his heart, because he found that Ross had n

In the afternoon, Xiaocao had gone over to Madam Mao’s to buy two ducks. She let the duck blood flow into a small basin and used the duck offal to braise along with the pig intestines.At this moment, the braised food had just finished cooking and the whole courtyard was enveloped in its tantal

“Ah...”It was the sword which was created by Sword Saint Kraugel and Overgeared King Grid and used by the legendary knight Mercedes. There were exclamations all over the place when the World Crushing Sword of the Noble White Tiger revealed its form. The blade was white and transparent lik