Chapter 523: You Can Choose to Trust Me (Part Two)On the way, when a big man in a trench coat walked past the three of them, he suddenly threw a powerful kick at the other agent, sending him flying away. The female agent subconsciously pushed Dr. Hawking to the side and began fighting the big man.Ju

Chapter 523: You Can Choose to Trust Me (Part One)Hawking came out of the embassy surrounded by heavy security detail. After he got into the extended sedan, the car began moving with MI6’s black Mercedes following on all four sides.“Dr. Hawking, how are you feeling right now?” a young British female

''Nah. That old dragon hates grown-ups and never harms children. Maybe it took it away and brought it to safety. It wouldn't be the first time.'' ''You are right. But how did that child got the Kalu Kalu to like her? Kalu Kalu's chose their master and protect it with al the powers they have. I

Chapter 1017 CompensationDylas had a dark expression, but he remained silent.‘If I cause trouble without any evidence, Mafa Merlin would be able to use it against me and the other forces would be unable to back me up. Damnit, those b*stards from Sky City are actually siding with Mafa Merlin… Just wa

Chapter 1016 QuestioningBefore the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord could attack the Quicksand Tower’s leader, Dedale swung his huge metal staff and released over a hundred orange Bursting Flames, which exploded in front of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord’s body. The terrifying explosive force made the Pur

 A group of animals sat calmly in front of a young girl and waited their turn.A fluffy pink rabbit came to her and showed his paws.''You must have stepped on thorns of Colak bushes. Next time be careful when you want to climb up. I know your kind like those black beads but if you know you will

After Ajax entered the open door, it was sealed completely like it never existed before. "Welcome to level 2 of the phase 1 participant", the familiar monotonous voice of summoner King was resounding in the room, welcoming him. " Kill 10 rank 1 spirit beasts to enter

Chapter 1483 Phantom KillThis matter was settled like this!The battle started!Whoosh!A black metal rod smashed down towards Ye Yuan’s head virtually without any sound of whistling through the air.“So fast!”“Starshine actually concealed his strength!”“No, wait! The three of them all concealed their s

An Lin and the others sat on Xiao Ze’s back as they quickly flew toward the south. “Why did Meng Zhi help us like that?” An Lin was puzzled. “The Great Empress was also present, and we have the death of the snow maidens on our hands. Theoretically speaking, there is no reason for her to help us.” Xu

Chapter 602: Is He… Cooking?Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“You didn’t do it intentionally. Just be more careful in the future. You know, men get a little impulsive sometimes. Well, can’t blame us, these women are way too attractive.” Tang Zui offered him s

Chapter 601: Did Not Expect Him to Be Willing to Explain ThingsTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationLong Sijue felt an immense pang in his heart as he looked at her. He dragged her over, sat her down on his lap and wrapped his arms around her. He did not move at

“The two of you need to be more aware! How many times do I have to tell you?!”Rabbit stood beside Grid and Piaro and started his lengthy speech. There was nothing to refute among the rapid-fire words he poured out because his words were right. However, in Grid and Piaro’s ears, Rabbit’s words sounde

In the next day, Henry reported the details to George inclusive of the minacious situation occurred in the midst of their mission. As appointed head of the southwest team he had caused trouble to the injured teammates and bowed his head in dismay of himself." Henry, despite the danger you stil

Jiang Chen told her about Whitty. He wanted her to create a passage in the Martial Field. “Does it mean a lot to you?” Xiao Nuo’s facial expression slightly changed after hearing his request. Knowing her very well, Jiang Chen knew what her question insinuated. He said, “It’s difficult?” “Yes, it’s v

As the planner of the Sovereign Soul project, Jiang Chen actually was not worried that Xiao Nuo could become another person. A Sovereign Soul did not have self-consciousness. Even if it did, it was actually the reincarnation’s inside devil created due to the influence of the memory. The reincarnatio

Reality showed that youngsters were all reckless and easily provoked, but some elderly folks were also incredibly hot-tempered. Once anyone violated their taboo, they would lash out with a reckless attitude and crazy passion. Old Extreme Yin moved like lightning. He threw a violent straight punch an

Old Extreme Yin never appeared in Twin of Brothers, but Happy had heard of him before. In Happy’s previous life, he was known as someone whose skills with poison could compare with those of Tang Sect. Due to his ability with crafting poison and administering it, the people from both the righteous an

In mainland China, thousands of miles away from the Korea peninsula, Luocheng was deeply troubled. This was obviously a trap set up by the Koreans, should he still jump right into it and continue the third game while streaming live? He had promised the viewers three matches. If he did not finish the

Actually, after winning that teamfight, if the ADC was still alive, you should move on to kill the Baron unless the fight had happened at the bottom part of the bottom lane… If you had won the teamfight but chose to take the high-ground, once you had taken the enemy inhibitor, the enemy would have j

It was time to put Nia's "Vanishing Phantom" to the test. By dragging the game out with a safe offense, the enemy gave Yuel plenty of time to think and analyze them. By now, he could narrow down their possible moves to just a couple of options. Their flowchart became crystal clear.Right now, t

Chapter 774: HumiliatedHer nightgown was already terribly thin, and with his strength, it was immediately torn into pieces.A large patch of fair skin was revealed.Her skin was as fair as milk, smooth and delicate without any imperfections.Xia Yanran sucked in a cold breath, looking down at her body

Chapter 615: Are You Both Planning To Tear Sauder Apart?Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosThat night, the bonfire lit up the night sky, to celebrate the joyous occasion. Elvis and Lea sat beside Gu Mengmeng, not giving any attention to anyone else who came to celebrate. Having learned

Chapter 614: Chixuan’s Tiny WishGu Mengmeng watched as Jialue used his tiny hands, that could barely reach his ears, to fold them on his head, his bright doe eyes sparkling innocently at herself. Smiling lovingly, she peeled Jialue’s tiny hands off and held it in hers, hmm, how warm.“Tell me, what h

Luo Zheng did not expect herself to be so weak that she could not even walk normally.  She had clearly decided previously, that she would take the rap for Mr. Bodyguard and yet… in the blink of an eye, she slipped into a coma for two days. She reckoned that the police may have already arrested Bo Ha

Chapter 1132: Old Illness (3)The strong coppery smell of blood assailed her nostrils!Before Gu Lingsha could react, Gu Qiwu could feel a piercing pain in his belly then came a dark whirlpool as his vision blacked out before he fell limp and fell flat forward!“Father! Father! Are you okay, Father!?”W

When Gu Lingsha said that, Gu Qiwu’s expression froze, but he did not flip out. “I told you to get out.” His low and raspy voice did not allow for objection. “Father! Why are you like Mother? If not because of Mu Zi but because of Mother’s miscarriage, I’m willing to have the two of you hit me and s

Chapter 449: I Told Her That The Mother Of My Child Is Little Silly“If you’re that worried, ask them to come over for dinner tomorrow. It’s not too late if you ask them then,” Chu Mobai said and turned the television off.“Why, did you know?” He Xiaoran narrowed her eyes at her husband.Chu Mobai look

Mrs. Tong looked at Old Chen. He was a new librarian but he was able to attend this meeting. She smiled and said slowly, “How do you know what I want to say before I open my mouth?”  “Come, tell me what you want to say then.” Principal Cao appeared to listen to her intently. He laughed and said, “It

Chapter 317: Pseudo-death Potion (1)One of the teachers frowned as he looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked, “Is this a failed concoction?”Shen Yanxiao smiled and shook her head. “It is a complete potion.”The teachers were still doubtful when they heard her reply, so they continued to examine the potion.

The gasps got louder and Li Xueqing seemed to have become the center of attention.  “Xueqing,” Li Haoran was smiling, extremely contented at the response she received. “Come to Dad.”  Li Xueqing went over obediently with a smile.  A few of them were about to approach her, but seeing that she was Li

Chapter 161: Order Before the banquet began, Billy introduced some of the captains and businessmen that he knew to Zhang Heng. Pirates usually preferred to keep everything to themselves, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t social animals. All too often, they would employ the assistance of trusted

No one was allowed to surrender in the fight. Though the loser was now unconscious, the scar-faced man had no intention to stop bludgeoning his opponent up, knowing that he had to put on a good show by crushing him to oblivion. He finally stopped when his opponent’s face was covered in blood and tor

Chapter 1719: Magma Fiery ManA Ruheng chuckled. “Sure, I can take a bath at the same time. Let me go and take a look.”As he was speaking, his skin had already turned golden. He leaped up and flew toward the area above the magma lake.Tang Wulin’s eyes were glowing with a purple-gold radiance. He util

"Senior Brother Lu, you're an idiot!"As Lu Wan noticed the hostility, he increased his pace and rushed to the Southeast direction at full speed. The other two also followed suit with darkened expressions. They were hoping to get out of this place in one piece and not by getting chased around b

Chapter 952: If I Want to Play with You, Don’t Blame Me for Not Informing You BeforehandTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios“Lu Zhanbei, pick an auspicious date and give yourself to me.” At this rate, what if he fell ill because he had continued to resist the urge for too long a time? Lu

Chen Yi Ru, as a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial, could, naturally, tell with just a glance that the middle-aged man standing behind Di Chen was a Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial. How could he sit back and watch as a mere Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial who was not even a threat

"So this means they won't kill me for no reason even if they're stronger than me?" Duan Ling Tian's eyes were glinting coldly at this moment. He had come to consult with Chen Yi Ru about this matter since he was not familiar with the dragon clan.The person who had gone to the Fire Worship Sect

Chapter 903: Xiao Qiao, Where Are You? (2)Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosXia Yehua was made puzzled by his remark. “Why do you want to be discharged in such a hurry? Didn’t the doctor say that you should stay a few days to keep you in observation?” Shen Liangchuan frowned and said,

“Ah? Are you really coming over? It’s good if you come over so that you can help me dissuade Ge Ge. This stubborn mule, you don’t know how annoying she is! She wants to move to Cambridge just because of the appearance of Ji Ziming here! Really, she doesn’t even know how to take care of her body!” Ta

“Sir, do you… still want to continue monitoring?” The monitoring room’s original light-hearted atmosphere was ruined by the appearance of a man. All of a sudden, this spacious room became chilly. “This gentleman here, all of our hotel’s CCTV footage for today is here. If you’re unable to find the pe