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Excited about the newly gained knack, Lin Sheng controlled the Knight Lord and brought him to walk on the pasture. Then he made the Night Lord perform different movements, including drawing the short sword from his back and trying some attack maneuvers. Step by step, Lin Sheng started to get used to

Lin Sheng had never had such sleep for a long time. When he woke up, the sun’s rays were flaring through the canopy roof and shining down on the forest floor. The pasture on either side of him was wet with morning dew, while he found himself in the arms of Khadula, whose cascading white long hair wa

Chapter 245: Upgrade: Part 3 Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAn intense light blinded Lin Sheng’s vision, and he exited the resonating memories.“The last time I had such resonating memories was when I was summoning Sacred Shield Tyrant. But this time it comes

Chapter 244: Upgrade: Part 2 Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe Energy Suppressor could weaken the enemy. The Shadow Guards would bog down and drain the energy of the foe. But it was the strength-enhancing Shadow Font that made or broke the outcome. It was a

Helian Wei Wei could not help but approach him and give him a kiss.Baili Jia Jue paused for a moment and let out a wry smile, “You seem as if you really like me.”“I told you that you have grown on me.” Helian Wei Wei fondled her stomach and said with a laugh, “Can we talk about this later? I have no

Xiao Kui blushed instantly. She said with a coy voice, “I’m only worried that my King will be cheated by this hypocritical woman.”Upon hearing what she said, Baili Jia Jue paced slowly toward her, in such grace and elegance that could only be found in a comic book. Large clusters of black feathers l

No one could retreat unscathed after provoking the King!In the Pandemonium, countless demons were staring at the hem of the flying cloak.Their blood was trembling like they were about to break through the blood vessels. It was so scorching that even the heart could be burned! They looked at each oth

Chapter 593: His Royal Highness’ Jealousy Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre StudioThe word ‘escort’ was used too liberally, with two magical beasts guarding the front and back respectively, it was pretty much like being detained and deported.As she was given such an insolent treatment, Helian

Chapter 592: His Royal Highness’ Love Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio“Looks like you did not plan on participating in the selection for a Queen.” Baili Jia Jue coldly retracted his hand. Then, he stood up, his movements elegant and graceful as always… But it was also so cold and indi

His plan was running smoothly this time. As long as the batch of medicine was distributed, he would be able to go to the board of directors and tell everyone that Fang Zhihan replaced the herbs to cut costs.He would also blame him for a few other medical cases and cause the company to not only

Yu Gangan bit her lip, wondering if she should take this opportunity to tell him about her and Fang Zhihan's relationship.But, before she did so, she thought she should make him sound impressive in front of him."He is a very good person. He looks cold on the surface but he is actually very kin

The moment he spat blood, Qi Junze was so agitated that his right hand started to tremble.Lu Zhanbei had really drunk that drug. If that was the case, his death was inevitable.He could torture Lu Zhanbei well before he died!Qi Junze remembered how he had actually revealed fear in front of him and co

Chapter 813: Whether I Can Walk Out of Here Alive or Not, You Will Die Without a Burial Place! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosLin Wanwan gradually realized that something was amiss. She curled up in a corner, her cheeks stained with an intoxicating red.“Qi Junze seemed to have inject

Lin Wanwan ignored his teasing. “Was the person who captured me Pervert Qi?”She wanted to confirm if she had guessed correctly.Tang Chen agreed with her description of Qi Junze. “Indeed, he’s a pervert.”Lin Wanwan rolled up her right sleeve and stared at the small pinhole on the central blood vessel

Song Dei Si went to work the following day, it was the 3rd Friday of the month. She will officially resign from her post at the last working day of the month. She only had 1 week to report

"Look at Jiaosheng and Lee Jin Ho, they never run out of girls to flirt with tonight!" said Tan Ji Nan. He was sitting at the Privè Club bar table together with Yan Mor Tee. He was looking

Lee Jin Ho seated next to Tan Ji Nan and asked Yan Mor Tee again."Why would you introduce those young male investors to Ja Nin?" Asked Lee Jin Ho, with his brows furrowed."So she could star

While Yan Mor Tee was waiting for Tan Ji Nan to arrive, he kept the three company and watch them as they continue to finish the third bottle. When Song Dei Si texted him earlier while he wa

"J-Ji Nan! I-Is that Ji Nan?" Ho Min Lin said in a loud voice that made Song Dei Si snapped what she wanted to say. Their attention shifted to where Ho Min Lin's looking at. A familiar figu

He had been thinking of this woman these past few days but it seems that this woman was thinking of another man.Yan.Mor.Tee.What was it in Yan Mor Tee that these women saw in him?A rage sud

Lee Jin Ho's heart was still thumping eventhough her head has returned back to its earlier position.He pushed her head away from his chest because he was suddenly scared that she might be a

Hey!" Ho Min Lin called Tan Ji Nan when he was about to leave the room.Tan Ji Nan halted his steps and turned his gaze back at her."Is your parents here?"Tan Ji Nan knitted his brows."I don

Wang Baole’s eyes were wide, and blood flowed from his mouth non-stop, but his presence remained overpowering. In fact, it grew stronger as he kept talking.“This isn’t fun at all. When I was in the Mi Luo Forest, I rode on Star Fang Beasts and had everything I wanted. I wouldn’t be here if not for m

#1"Where are they?!" One of the volunteers ran to inform the director who was guiding the other congressmen. If the volunteer had been a little more careful, he would have told the director only, but he ran breathlessly and said to the director, "Mr. Cho… and… the guards of the Rep.Hong!' Surp

Chapter 1159, Next Time Be Careful What You BuyTranslator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGunEditor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion MountainThe young man was speechless, and the murderous intent in his eyes flared up. He wished he could immediately kill this idiot Ge Xiong, because he increased the price foolish

#1The Martial Arts House welcomed an unexpected guest. Considering this person's position and status, this kind of hasty movement was very surprising. Of course, who he was visiting was not an average by any means.No, he was not even considered a human.He was the absolute man who had reached t

Yan Qing was at a total loss for words. “Who… Who did you buy it for?” The bracelet was clearly too feminine for him to wear.In an instant, Di Fuyi gave the bracelet a flick and shattered it into many tiny pieces. “I bought this because I’d like to hear the sound of it getting shattered.” He then tu

At the moment they realized that Yang Ye had attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, the expressions from the representatives of all the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire were extremely colorful.Qing Yun’zi and Cai Feng’s expressions were especially unsightly as if someone had dug up th

The battle between Yang Ye and Yuan Tong had arrived at its climax. At this moment, Yang Ye who held Violet Spirit in his right hand had executed the Sword Sect’s Basic Sword Technique to the acme of perfection. In the opinions of the others, it wasn’t a Yellow Rank technique anymore, and it

After he activated the Divine Screen of the Heavens, Huai Kong’zi returned to the hall, and he instructed the Instructing Elders of the Dao Institute, Rong Xun, Lin Heng, Ying Qin, and the others, the entertain Wen Ting and the others well.However, Huai Kong’zi himself had hastily entered into the d

Dong! Dong! Dong!The 30km tall Fiendgods struck the drums outside all four entrances to the city, and it surged through the surroundings with great strength.Along with the sound of the drums, strands of strange and obscure fluctuations swiftly rippled through the entire city.If one looked down from

#1"What?"Brown's eyes widened. He couldn't believe the man who brought the news. He shouted, forgetting that Serena was in front of him. "Why Dragon?!"The most fearful in Elus, the dragon was at the very top of the food chain. And Three Sky religion has experienced it very deeply in the past.

#1THUD…A blinding flash spread out into the sky. It's so beautiful that some of the Three Sky Religion's believers were kneeling down and holding hands together, but it was not the spirit of a merciful God as they thought. It was only the energy of destruction. The bright cross at the top of

The world was agitated again by the news that Jaehwang had destroyed the Kingdom. The Master Archer, who people thought had returned to Korea modestly, flew to Elus unexpectedly and destroyed the Kingdom of the Three Sky religion. They were shocked to see that the largest villain group in the

#1The cold weather was giving everyone shivers. Though it has not yet dawned, Jaehwang, who hardly sleeps, sat on a bed with his legs crossed, meditating. In the meantime, Goongi was there next to him, munching her snacks while watching a new drama series.Previously, she was a gourmet who only

#1A month has passed since Jaehwang volunteered at Martial Arts Nursery. Originally, a volunteer would have gone back but at some point, Jaehwang's name was changed from 'Volunteer Cho Hyungbin to 'Mr. Cho,' and the three to five-year-old children in his class were called the 'Brave Little One

#1"Hahaha, dear. Let's smile!""Ahhhh! No!! no !!"A thick hand grasped the child's shoulders. It looked like he's hugging the child, but his strong grip almost bruises the child's skin under his clothes. "It hurts!""Goodness.. that's annoying." The old man, who was sitting affectionately in fro

#1Time had slipped along. Winter had passed all throughout summer and now, fall had come."Wow, Master Archer… he did a clean job," one man said as he looked at his smartphone while sitting on a bench at the side of an old brick building that looked like a bunker. Inside the smartphone he was n

#1"It's a common phenomenon. And I don't think it's that bad." "..." "My goal is not to do a Monster Raid." "Phew... yes." Irumi ended up affirming with a low sigh at Jaehwang's words, Yes, she knew that the man she loved secretly was not a type of man seeking honor or power. Being like that p

“Linglong, how can you say that to your elder sister?” Lin Yue-er pretended to reprimand her with just a single sentence, while she continued to let Gu Linglong sneer at Gu Lingzhi.Gu Lingzhi bit her lip and then suddenly laughed out loud. That delighted expression caused Gu Linglong to feel