Tang Xi paused and looked up at Xiao Yao in surprise, forgetting to answer his question. Xiao Yao stood quietly upstairs and waited for Tang Xi’s reaction. Looking at the stunned Tang Xi, Xiao Yao slightly turned up the corners of his mouth. After two seconds, Xiao Yao said, “I’ll find you a sister-

No matter how beside themselves with worry some people were trying to recruit this person, Xuan Mo’s second semester officially began, and as usual, the start of the evil was flagged off by the start of examinations. After English paper was the wicked Math. After an hour after receiving the p

The color of the sky has never changed. Compared with the endless darkness where Dong Fang Qing Cang has wandered freely during ancient times, here there is never darkness. But here, compared with wandering over there, he still felt lonely and also…insipid. But so, it was also better than t

Chapter 85 – Love Me, Don’t Go In the early morning of the weekend, everything was quiet, and even the buzzing cicadas seemed to feel the deep drowsiness of people on the weekend, as they didn’t make a sound. “pa, pa, pa…” A lonely figure appeared in the long c

TNG Vol. 15 Chapter 4 Part 3 “Shin!?” “I’m okay!!” Shin managed to switch to the 『Great Shell Shield of Collision』just before the beam struck. It was one of the remaining functions from the game, weapon swap. The beam was weaker than expected: he was blown away, but

Chapter 255- If Today Is The Last Day (1) “Who the hell are you?” “…” The men did not speak, and their only response was to lift their swords together in preparation of an attack. Carlisle stepped in front of Elena to shield her. “We have to ge

Wu Yan was counting on this reward to upgrade his arsenal. If he succeeded, he would be able to increase the potency of Gate of Babylon.   He has been filling the Gate of Babylon with Iron sand constructs that he turned into noble phantasms with his Knight of Owner ability. The result has bee

“You are…”The fiery bird made of green light looked at the source of the sound and soon detected familiar soul waves, but the name was so shocking that she almost could not believe it.“It’s me, Li Yao!” In the middle of the emergency, Li Yao hurried to prove his identity. “Last time we met, it was a

A loud voice rang in the middle of the snow-capped mountain. It was filled with excitement.A young man with a slightly sturdy figure flew from afar and arrived in front of two young men who looked identical. They were clearly twins.The young man's eyes were gleaming as he asked excitedly, "Nan

A malicious look is seen on the servant’s face, “Childe, I saw Feilong City’s Ma Boxiong in Qingyun City yesterday.” “Ma Boxiong? He is a big shot in Feilong City. Why are you bringing him up? Zhao San is confused. Feilong City is not far from Qingy

A breath power warrior is also called a country warrior who has acquired the ability to tap into his inner breath essence and form a superior force which, albeit invisible, can be extracted from the human body and used to cause harm to another person, and can also

Li Xing takes a sigh of relief, helps Xiaoxiu put her clothes back on and unblocks her blood circulation. With a moan, Xiaoxiu slowly opens her eyes. Scratching her head, the girl asks curiously, “Is it done, Young Master?” Li Xing smiles and says, “Yes. But you ne

Challenge?   "Man… you have got to be shitting me." Li Yundong turned in his seat and gaped at President Cao. He'd figured out where President Cao was taking them as soon as President Cao turned the Lamborghini into a street that would lead towards none other th

Chapter 301 - Saved by a Wolf After Royal Prince Yang finished his command, all of the bodyguards on the ladders pulled back the strings on their bows and shot their arrows towards the wolf pack rushing towards the gate. Immediately, howls of pain and grief filled the air.  The alpha wolf let

“Who’s Master Bian? Why do you all know that name?” “Seriously? You don’t know who Master Bian is? He’s the master who took part in building Imperial College’s essence-gathering formation!” Mr Mo’s face lit up when he saw Master Bian. “Master Bian! It’s nice to see you here in Elegant Ink Gallery ag

Xiao Yunyun remained silent for a while.“When I started interning here, her father, Mr. Zhang, happened to be transferred to my department. I have been responsible for monitoring Mr. Zhang’s case. That’s why the head admitted me into the operating room. But we never expected that there would be any

However, Lin Nuan didn’t think that she’d be able to win against Fu Huai’an in words. She felt that she wasn’t as thick-skinned as Fu Huai’an! Even ten of her wouldn’t be able to win against one Fu Huai’an!Therefore, Lin Nuan admitted her loss!Seeing his wife blushing to the extent that even her ear

It was quite normal for Profound Sage Melon Eater to be thinking in such a way.After all, he was born with the bloodline of a divine beast. With him being at the Eighth Stage Realm, many cultivators would see him as a walking natural treasure. In the past, when he was still of a lower realm, there w

Chapter 325 Betrayed by His BrotherQin Sheng used to face all those difficulties and obstacles himself. Maybe because he was a lucky person, he always survived. However, he was not a cat, which had nine lives in the legend tales. Qin Sheng only had one life, and he was running out of luck. Last time

Chapter 997: Lin Feng, I’ll Let You Get It BackTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsLin Feng had good intentions but he hadn’t expected Yun Hu to have already worn his wrist guard, a brand-new Nike one.Lin Feng stood with the wrist guard, watching him blankly but Yun Hu hadn’t

The person who had bumped into Duan Ling Tian was none other than the direct disciple of the Sanctum Leader of Azure Dragon Sanctum, Wen Yan! She was the person who had reported Gan Ru Yan to the Enforcement Hall back then. For this reason, Ke'er and her daughter were discovered and imprisoned

Chapter 2120 Look at my strike Zhu Guangqi immediately saw Ye Mo at the door. He came here as he got news of Ye Mo. When he saw Ye Mo, killing intent flashed across his eyes but then he looked shocked as Dong An was here too.“Greetings castle master Dong. I didn’t expect to see your honorable presen

She sprinted out.Her short legs moved as fast as they could.When she exited the sector, she looked around. “Toilet… Toilet…”She kept muttering to herself.She was wearing a pink T-shirt with a heart-shaped pattern and dark pink striped leggings. She was clutching the area below her tummy with her sma

Jiao Chen’s mother was no longer working at the orphanage. She felt that it wasn’t appropriate to bring Xiaojiao along to Su Yue’s house because there were so many people.After breakfast, Su Yue and Jiao Chen sent Xiaojiao to the Yan’s.A child only misses their mother when night falls.During the day

With time, Thunderous Battle had gained further understanding of Heartless Iron and learned why Heartless Iron had a slightly higher rate of success in refining equipment compared to normal people.Heartless Iron’s ancestors were famous ironsmiths. Even though there was no longer any creation of weap

During the last half a month, there were very few people who entered the royal mausoleum!Those who did come were no longer people from Vast Martial City, but from other places, and they were not especially powerful either, because the people in Vast Martial City and the people on the Dragon Rank and

Chapter 2732: Left to Their Own Devices Jian Chen stared at Bai Jin coldly. Even though Bai Jin did not go into detail, Jian Chen had confirmed his thoughts from his attitude and his reply. This immediately set his killing intent alit once more, surging violently in his heart. “Great ceremony? You’

“Of course…I only treat you like this…”The night was getting late. She fell asleep in his arms, but Mu Yuchen was still awake. He longed for this warmth to the point that he was afraid to close his eyes because he was fearful that he would lose this once he woke up.He was very careful, especially to

“Lu Ming, let go of me! It is really impossible that you and I would work!” Gu Mian was struggling with all her strength to pull her arms back.Tang Ming pulled Gu Mian all the way out from campus. Then, he shoved her into the car and drove away.Gu Mian was overwhelmed by unpleasant emotions. Lu Ming

“Baron! Take Baron! I’ll tank it!” Lin Dong’s voice verged on hysterical.Rushing down the Middle lane to clear off some of the minions, the three of them raced towards the Baron Pit with the speed boost from Homeguard.At least ten seconds before any of the enemy champions came back to life. They cou

“That’s really a pity!” If Jiang Chen had mastered the Metal Rule, the golden lightning formed by Du Tian Divine Lightning would have been able to instantly kill his opponent. But, unfortunately, his Metal Lore was still just in full mastery-level, and it managed to reach such a level only due to hi

After Shui Wuchen’s back took a strike, his body started quickly stiffening and was soon covered fully in ice. He had turned into an ice sculpture!“Prince?” The Water Dragon Black Guards watching the battle strode forward. They all had vowed loyalty to Shui Wuchen and were confused by this.“General

The power of a Peak 8th Rank Archmage spread out, and the surging mana turned into a gale that blew towards Lin Yun.But that mana tide stopped a meter away from Lin Yun’s body and suddenly dissipated. Not even the tip of Lin Yun’s robe fluttered…Lin Yun still ignored him and only looked at the mana

Before Brown Charlotte finished his words, Kans thoroughly exploded and started yelling at him.“What do you mean, cool-headed? I can’t remain cool-headed! That damn guy not only sneak-attacked me, but he also sneak-attacked Dolon! He attacked us during the banquet for the general attack. This is tra

After the Heavenly Great Sage Bull Demon King, came a long and thick black shadow that flew out from the big hole left by the Golden Cudgel and spiraled upwards, almost blocking the entire Ether of this pure land. The surroundings were suddenly filled with moisture and humidity that seemed as if it

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …Several black streaks ambushed Ye Yuan trio at a strange angle.Shi Potian’s iron fist swung, the power of laws spreading out imposingly. He directly blasted those few black streaks to dust.But in the next instant, even more black streaks flew over.The three people focused the

Chapter 735: The Competition StartedTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosIf it were not for the fact that they were holding on because of their idols, the fans on the audience seats would not have been able to stand listening to such long speeches.“We invite the judges of the competition:

Masked men and women were on the viewing platforms surrounding the round arena. They wore luxurious costumes and looked like nobles.The host shouted, “We have enough of the hypocritical kindness. The Grand Priest told us to love each other, study, and respect knowledge, but our hearts tell us otherw

Chapter 379: Eve of the Dungeon War Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios“If the materials for drawing these Rune Mana Formations were changed to Mana materials, the effect would be even greater. I suspect the power will be what the Orc can bear. After all, the power that you experienced i

Song Shuhang silently stared at the whale-riding lamia in front of him. Looking at her being so happy left him with mixed feelings that he simply could not describe.Speaking of which, there was really some kind of fate with him and ‘whales’.His family lived on Baijing (White Whale) Street; he once h