Mad Childhood Friend “I should just stick with this…” Nier gave up in the end. Her body exceeded Sister Ning’s imagination. Nier didn’t fit into her underwear, which was why Nier had to continue wrapping her breasts up with cloth. She didn’t wear the skirt Luci

Trying on Underwear “Wow… I’m surprised there’s clothing for breasts. It’s so odd… Oh! You can lift it up. It feels strange to have my breasts wrapped up. This colour and style looks a little sexy no matter how I look at it.” Lucia excitedly wore on a wh

translator: xiin editor: kara Regardless of whether it was the players, the commentator, or even the audience, they all felt very content after the entertainment match. It was as though everyone had participated in a grand carnival.  It was perhaps both a carnival and a farewell, because ever

The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – 174 – Scoundrel (无赖) The moment Old Man Gan heard that the old lady secretly used anti-itching ointment behind his back and didn’t put his prescription in proper regard, he was furious. He could let it go if the old lady didn&rs

After Yi TArrayn fixed the Large Spirit Gathering Array, he continued to fix other Array that he could fix for now. This time he had a great advantage where he didn’t have to activate the heavenly eyes to fix an array anymore. Old Xuan, who accompanied Yi Tianyun where ever he goes to show th

Lin Xiaomi felt exhausted every day after running around to gather news with Sun Ru. Even so, she had a full life. On the way home after dinner, Leng Yihuang suddenly said, “I’ve downloaded a very good movie today. We’re free at night, so how about watching it together? ” L

Chapter 132:Misplacement of the Daughter(5) Yi Jiangnan was a unique private food restaurant located on the right side of Fengheng College. This restaurant was also a well-known brand under Su’s restaurant chain. At noon, the restaurant was particularly crowded, while the Platinum Member Are

Translator: SumTLMan Others couldn’t hear the conversation between the two, but everyone saw Flora’s shocked expression. This shocked expression was tinged with a trace of fear and disbelief. What was the information which can cause a formal wizard to reveal such an expression? The wi

While Qiao Pan’er invited Fang Zhihan to dance with her, all the men that were looking at Qiao Pan’er were immediately shocked as they stared at Fang Zhihan with envy. After all, she was the eldest daughter of the Qiao Family; not only did she have a good family background, she was also good looking

Qiao Pan’er was extremely displeased. With anger and hatred, she turned her head and glared at Yu Gangan… All these years, she had been pampered and spoiled, and everything she did, always ran smoothly. But, in the last few days, not only did she fail to purchase Yueming Hall, she was ignored and hu

Chapter 124: Deceiving Uncle Sheng (22) Shu Nuan handed the ointment to Wen Zhigu, pointing to her hand.  “Put some medicine on. It will get better soon.” Wen Zhigu paused for a moment, and then looked at her recent injuries. She whispered, “Its nothing.” The tone se

Chapter 125: Deceiving Uncle Sheng (23) “I don’t know the way,” Shu Nuan explained awkwardly. The shop-owner’s wife was still in a good mood. Humming a little song, she finished packing the snacked and held them out to her.  “It’s okay. Just ask someone on

Chapter 123 : Deceiving Uncle Sheng (21) Shu Nuan and Wen Zhigu were punished to lap around the field. Upon learning this, many students were surprised. After all, they were both Class One students, and while Wen Zhigu was an outstanding student who would rank first every month, Shu Nuan had jumped

Chapter 28: He’s Back! Part 2 All the aunt ghosts cried out: “Dance comes from life; dance comes from inside me, and it is the most beautiful, just like the setting sun!” ——— The roar of a dozen ghost aunts must not be underestimated. Their slogan was straightf

Chapter 28: He’s Back Part 1 Upon thinking of Chen Shu’s departure, Ye Sui was feeling upset. She was so foolish; why she hadn’t thought of asking him directly if she could accompany him? After making sure that the door had been locked, Ye Sui returned to her room. She knew that

Translator: Sweet Bun from wangmamaread Proofreader: Chun Bun The Spotted Leopard who was about to attack Huang Beiyue was stunned upon hearing the voice. Then she retreated quickly. Retreated, and retreated. At last, she even retreated to the side of Huo Laoliu, cowering and shivering. Not long af

DBA Chapter 7 Growing Chapter 7 Growing The heavily armed soldiers huddled together in a semicircle and pulled the trigger with all their might, firing their bullets out of the chambers at the gradually expanding, shapeless monster. The shell casings, that fell off the body of the gun clanged ont

Murong Xue looked at Ye Yichen with her browns slightly knitted: “Prince Jing also wants to fight against the enemies in the air?”   “Can’t I?” Ye Yichen stared at her with his eyebrows raised.   “Of course you can. But there will be unexpected dange

This wasn’t a war between the two parties, but a massacre aiming at people of Nan Jiang rather than those of Qing Yan. Riding a gigantic wooden snake, Murong Xue shuttled ceaselessly among the big crowd of snakes, and killed all the wooden snake ghosts dashing towards her. While she circled

There were flowers, pools and also a small pavilion. Apparently, somebody built this secluded place. Among everything in this valley, the giant, ancient tree in the middlemost position of the valley was the most intrusive. Its trunk was so thick that even ten people opening their arms hand in hand

The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (21) The sentence was comparable to a nuke. The faces of both men at the scene of the bombing were white. Bai Weiwei finished, pushed open his arms and walked to Chen Wenfeng. Then she reached out and pulled him up, “Are you okay?&rdq

Chapter 371: Track him on a date. Xiao Zuo didn’t go in, but acted like a paparazzi on a lookout with a telescope hanging around his neck while staring calmly at the pair in the restaurant. Fang Chixia sat right next to him and did not go in. Her main purpose was to look after Xiao Zuo, but

Chapter 364: Always liked him He took advantage of his stature and pressed her back. Fang Chixia was imprisoned in the chair. With their faces close, his breath sprayed warmly on her face. This posture made it difficult for Fang Chixia to ignore him. Turning her head to the side, she waited for t

Chapter 365: A finger can squeeze you to death. “Don’t move!” Fang Chixia’s suddenly turned sideways with her arms wrapped around his neck. The positions of the two were reversed, and she pinned him down. Luo Yibei looked up at her somewhat surprised, but was more looking f

Chapter 366: Like him, grab him Luo Yibei frowned and blinked indifferently. Xiao Zuo, who was standing nearby, witnessed this scene soundlessly, his eyes shining with smiles, and hidden thoughts swirling in his little head. Sha Zhixing was the same, smiling at this interaction with her own consi

Chapter 367: Sweet, very sweet childhood “Okay, let me refill another cup for you.” Fang Chixia was unruffled and refilled her cup without complaints. “Mr. Luo, this is yours.” Holding another cup, she walked towards Luo Yibei, placed it on his desk, turned around to leave,

Chapter 368: The whole world knows how close you are A flicker of irritation swelled in her heart. If they wanted to reminisce about their sweet innocent chilhood days or them being innocent playmates, just do it when they are all alone. Why drag her here to listen exclusively? Was she afraid tha

Chapter 369: Wedding rings are ready. Sha Zhixing’s implication rendered Fang Chixia speechless for a long while. Luo Yibei glanced at her coldly, and walked back in holding the coat as if nothing had happened. It took a while for Fang Chixia to recover her senses and continued to struggle

Chapter 370: Chixia, duped “What did you say?” Fang Chixia’s lifted her face from a string of French, as if she has just heard him. “I said, Su Ran will definitely leave with my brother in the evening, and we will follow.” Xiao Zuo smiled and answered. “What fo

Chapter 363: From now on, you belong to me alone Fang Chixia froze incredulously. Ye Yun also stood there paralyzed. Her mind blanked out for a while facing such a huge sum of money. When she recovered her senses, she smiled generously: “Enough, of course, thank you Luo Shao!” Her eye

Chapter 361: Help her settle the debt Luo Yibei stood stiffly and frowned. Why does listening to these guarantee taste sour? Luo has been irritated recently mainly from having no idea why Fang Chixia suddenly alienated him in the past two days. Luo Yibei punched the wall, sat down and flipped hi

Chapter 372: Not just a kiss. Fang Chixia took a fright, tilted her head, looked at him holding her hand. Luo Yibei stared at her face, his gaze lingering by at an extremely slow speed, then he raised an eyebrow, “Were you accompanying Xiao Zuo?” “Xiao Zuo wanted to come, but no

“I think it will be faster if you see them for yourself, but the mud salamanders are big and black and they come in swarms.” [Kai] The one who said that was Kai-san. Uh-oh, when he puts it that way, the only thing that comes to mind is the Big G. (Big G = Gokiburi or cockroach) &ldquo

A Big Present of Spiritual Puppets!   Xu Wei slapped his storage pouch and three black shadows appeared in front of him in succession. Meanwhile, when Xu Dian performed a hand seal, five black spiritual puppets within the storage pouch of the corpse on the ground flew out as five rays of blac

  Chapter 451: Chance, scandal (Part 1) Seeing that Su Cha wanted to know, Lin Chujiu didn’t hide it, she said generously, “You know, I and Princess Fushou Zhang are enemies.” ” I know …” Su Cha nodded his head. Lin Chujiu and Princess Fushou Zhang becam

  Chapter 389: Medicinal Diet In the letters, the sender was asking Boss Chen if she is alright, and why she didn’t send a reply. Boss Chen said, “Zhi’er, the reason why Meng Gongzi sent me 3 letters in a short time, asking about your situation, is because I told him a few

Mrs. Nalini, it’s mealtime.” Chen Rui still approached with his imp look and placed the basket in front of her. The woman slowly looked up. Chen Rui was surprised to see that there was only one eye left on the dirty and scarred face. The eye glanced at him indifferently, and she didn&rs

When Meng Fan slipped out of the basketball court, he headed straight for the track field. It was already late October, so the sun wasn’t as poisonous. Although it wasn’t completely dark, there were no problems with running. He ran ten-kilometers, ensuring his daily rate of 20 kilometers and headed

Both temporary coaches had been pulled over to shake hands. After all, winning came first and friendship came second. The game was a disaster, so they had to retain the friendship. “A great hand of cards has been broken!” The web dev coach shook hands with senior Ah Ning and smiled bitterly. “I thou

The score from the first half was 25:27, with the animation department only 2 points behind. This was a perfectly acceptable score to Ah Ning and the rest of the department. “Awesome, I didn’t know Iron bro knew how to pass so well.” Senior Ah Ning was overjoyed. He rapidly adjusted his plan for the