Chapter 1522 – The Guidance of a GodAfter moving Zhao Yufei out of the Dream Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng explained the reason for the incident. The Heaven Defying Faction had only moved against Zhao Yufei to force Zhao Feng out. It was only right that she knew.Zhao Feng was also frank with regards to

Chapter 1521 – The Divine Punishment God Eye“Zhao Feng, we meet again. This time, once you return to the Divine Kingdom, don’t even think about leaving!” The Protector turned to Zhao Feng and gave a frightening smile.Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng felt their hearts tremble. The Protector’s goal was

“F*ck…”Sanguine Warflag had spared no expense in antagonising Captain Don’t Open Fire and totally forgot about the need to be “United in One Heart”. Upon the timely reminder by Fearless, he quickly closed his mouth.Although jumping down the cliff would result in a player losing 10% of their accumula

Zhan Lun Hui’s pitch black hair floated in the air, like seaweed in the ocean had been tossed into a tempest. His face remained cold and expressionless, but there was a chilling aura oozing from his body!Only a few tattered pieces of cloth hung on his body. He should be looking extremely pathetic, b

With Augustus’ approval of where Jiang Fei stood, Jiang Fei had undoubtedly become the next in line after Otis as the Nephilim King’s successor. Despite that, Augustus was a Celestial being and would not die in the next few hundred centuries. Even Otis had no idea how long he needed to wait before h

“Let’s be honest. Do you know why I’m here?” Ariel stared at the Alien Beast.“Yes, I do…” The Alien Beast was close to tears. Not only did it just lose all the energy it had diligently absorbed for the past few months, but it also needed to cut its own flesh for someone else.“If you do, why aren’t y

Minister Ruan held Qi Junze’s hand and said warmly, “Mr. Qi, I’m very satisfied with your project proposal.”He had just started an opening sentence when Qi Junze’s smile got deeper.He knew that he had finally won. He had won against the Lu Zhanbei who was always suppressing him.He saw from the corne

tLong Feiye knew the Lustbite energy thoroughly, but he still didn’t understand what had happened. In the end, he could only pin the reason on Han Yunxi’s phoenix energy. That was an unexpected discovery that neither of them understood. Although it appeared after their dual cultivation began,

Gu Qishao’s joke was very loud, but it wasn’t clear whether he did that on purpose. In any case, Long Feiye heard it by his side while Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue caught it further off. The cheerful atmosphere immediately turned chilly as an uneasy silence fell upon the group. If you put it lightl

Han Yunxi’s lips curved into a cold smile as she stared at Long Feiye and Gu Qishao. What an interesting pair of fellows. They didn’t even ask me before deciding in my place. What does this count for?After Long Feiye and Gu Qishao came to a consensus, Tang Li happily slapped his thighs. “That

Tang Li waited, but for a long time there was no answer. He knocked again. “Sister-in-law, I know you’re there. Don’t be angry at my big bro anymore. I just want to ask you one question--an important one.”He waited a while longer, but Han Yunxi only answered him without opening the door. “It’s

tWhat would Bai Yuqiao tell them? Without a doubt, the answer would affect Long Feiye’s choice. That night, neither he nor Han Yunxi had a wink of sleep. Meanwhile, Tang LI had already rushed out of the city to await General Baili and the deputy generals’ arrivals. He stood in the whistling no

Jun Yixie’s soldiers had received this letter in secret after they finished inspection of Su Xiaoyu’s courtyard. Someone had literally stuffed it into their hands. Inside was only written two lines: There’s a spy in Tiger’s Den. East and West Qin have formed an alliance and will rescue the hos

Chapter 864: Regarding the Ability of the Sword Master (Part 2) Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosRen Baqian met Qing Lian on the second day.He already knew that this convoy had passed through Ping City 13 days ago, but only learned that Qing Lian was in the convoy yesterday.On the morn

Han Yunxi really did recall an extremely important thing--one that would affect Long Feiye’s future kingdom and state. That was the matter of a son.Her other hand snuck out of its sleeves to carefully take her pulse. She had been secretly preparing for a pregnancy. By avoiding tea, she would a

The Eastern Promotion Hall was both dignified and striking. Although it was supposed to be a guest hall, it gave off the air of a guest palace instead. Currently, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi were sitting high up in the seats of honor for the hosts at the center. Side by side, their nanmu wood cha

Chapter 1211: Broken Sword Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Lin Tian is, unexpectedly, a four-Qi cultivator.”“At this level, the Constellation Palace’s Qi can decide the outcome of a fight.”“It seems like Lin Tianjian isn’t a four-Qi cultivator, but he has the Eternal Sword Doctrine

Exhausting one’s immortal force?The fleshly body cannot handle it and will collapse?These weren’t considered big problems for him!As long as he levels up, everything will recover by itself.It was the same with immortal force!This was the same concept of profound energy. As long as you level up

Chapter 1623: Eggs of the Dragon and the Phoenix Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations“Stop the nonsense… I didn’t eat anything from the dragon or the phoenix…” The old man weakly said, staring at Ye Xiao, “I am telling the truth. I didn’t eat the dragon’s liver or the phoenix’

‘I must be lost in my thoughts… but… It doesn’t make sense… This man… Is he even more powerful than Yue Youyou? There are only a few people in this world who are beyond Yue Youyou’s cultivation level. Who is this man?’Ye Xiao kept thinking about it, and then he made a quick reaction.“I am just expre

Ye Xiao tidied things up and then calmly said, “We have been talking for quite a while now. How do you feel? I should let you rest. You shouldn’t get off the bed, and do not let your feet touch the floor yet. You know why? If you touch the ground, the Nine Sky Golden Qi will get back on you. I will

Chapter 1624: The Red Fire Lord of the Seven Colored Lords Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations“Ahem… It is not that… Well… You see… You fooled the Purple Dragon King away, kid. We are going to overcome this… We will be fine… I am just a nobody…” The old man said, “I am nobody

The winter snows melted and the waters of spring ran warmly. Pang Xiao immediately felt the thunderclouds of negativity clear from his mind. An answering grin crept across his face, and he lightly pinched the tip of her nose.“You little rascal!” he mouthed.Qin Yining blinked rapidly and laughi

Chapter 278: Prepare The Princess Gown Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios“Your ‘filters’ are too thick! Does Ye Ling even have amorous eyes?” Tong Hua retorted.“… It got out of shape!” Ye Yifan said. “No, my brother is so hot he’s out of the world. His eyes had turned from almond-shaped

Chapter 277: Young Uncle and Young Nephew Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosXu Ning thought to himself.If this was not the reason, then it would be really hard to explain.But, when did this begin?How could I not have known at all?The problem is… Xiaojuan barely knows you, bro. What kind

If there was no interference from the gods, a Starry Sky Warlock rank ancient dragon could easily destroy a human kingdom.Sener and Cecilia were peerless geniuses who could rival Starry Sky Warlock rank dragons. These three powerhouses from the Country of Dragons had Starry Sky Warlock rank ba

"If other factions met a Dao Comprehending realm freak with Earth Immortal's power, they would kill you on sight. But that doesn't apply to our Headless Assembly, or more like nothing applies to it like other powers out there."Chen Ming's heart suffered a huge shock, She's from the assembly. W

Chapter 2605 The Powerful Lu Yan (5)“Master, let’s just let them go this and plan this more thoroughly…” Qiao Nan’s subordinates were ready to sh*t their pants.However, Qiao Nan wasn’t willing to give up such a great opportunity. “I don’t believe that you will really detonate Ghost One.”“Let’s just

2604 The Powerful Lu Yan (4)Yan, you’ve never slept with me, how would you know that I have ED?” Qiao Nan said, his expression as disgusting as could be.“Do I have to sleep with you to know? I can’t even see a bump in your pants, I’m sad for your tiny sausage.” Lu Yan’s mouth could be even more vici

2603 The Powerful Lu Yan (3)Qiao Fei ducked instinctively and turned around to see all four of his men holding guns, which were aimed right at him. He immediately ducked again, but the four men were determined to make a kill.“I knew you weren’t here to ask me to go back.” Qiao Fei glared icily at th

Chapter 2602 The Powerful Lu Yan (2)Qiao Fei: “But don’t worry, you may not have had anyone in the past, but you have me in the future.”Lu Yan: “Qiao Fei…”“I plan on being by your side for a long time, living off on your money. That’s why you have to live a long time, or else I might starve to death

Chen Ming was hoping to know more, but the woman vanished, letting the air carry her last words to his ear, "Put it on and it will tell you everything."Chen Ming glanced at it, "This kind of mask is more befitting of a fan."If a fan would use the crying face, then that would mean happiness, if

Chapter 375: Stabilizing Mechanism Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter the broadcast ended, a trace of interest appeared on Zhang Xingyang’s face with regards to the Earth Federation. He discussed the organization with his companions for a few days.They learned about some of the c

tJiangchen reached out to stop Hanba and Houqing, his gaze fixed on Great Sage Sun.The Great Sage stared right back at them. His bloodshot eyes glowed with a terrifying light. The Zombie Progenitors gulped despite themselves.Fortunately, the giant ape simply looked them over, then turned away

Chapter 1046: Destroyed Car “Xiaoxiao, Wu Chentian called and said he wants to treat us to a feast. Wanna go?” Lin Yi looked at Xiaoxiao. “Wu Chentian?” Xiaoxiao took a moment, but remembered him. “That Iron Fist Wu? He wants to buy us lunch? Sure, let’s go, let’s go! I love feasts! When?” “When?” L

Chapter 1047: More Benefits It was just that this rage had nowhere to go, he wasn’t willing to just let things be! Yufeng thought about it, “Then let’s just break Feng Xiaoxiao’s car- that Chen Yushu girl messed with us yesterday, and Feng Xiaoxiao must have had something to do with it. It must be h

Chapter 1048: Enduring One had to admit that Lin Yi could really be a jerk if he wanted to, even more so than Yushu or Xiaoxiao. He used to be an assassin, and that meant that he killed with any means necessary. Other than assassinations, framing others and laying traps was also part of the skillset

Chapter 1049: Girlfriend Worships Someone Else Yet, Lin Yi just killed Yu Bide and crippled Uncle Pi right away! Yufeng understood that if he were to kill Lin Yi today, it still wouldn’t be too serious if he didn’t have a terrifying power backing him up- but if he did, then House Yu would be in dang

Chapter 463: Partnership Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Hey, are you still competing or not? Otherwise, you’ll be considered the loser!”Just as the three of them were getting excited, a voice came from the arena stage nearby.“Hahaha, please wait a while, Li

t“Feng, do you know a very famous stockbroking company had come to me seeking for cooperation?” Kirilenko told Feng Yu excitedly.“Which company is that?” Feng Yu had heard of most financial institutions and companies. He was also curious about this company that approached Kirilenko.“Stratton O